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A New Approach To Achieving Success

Year after year we spend money and effort bringing in workshops and breakouts focused on showing us WHAT to do better, or HOW to do things better. If we really want to GET better, we need to shift our focus from what we are doing to WHO we are being.


Once you make that shift, what used to be a limit to how much you can achieve is no longer a barrier.


I’m pleased to announce three workshops that are specifically designed to show you to how to do just that!


Each of these workshops is immediately available and can be booked for any team size or setting; whether for a team as small as 10, or an organizational retreat or conference of hundreds. Additionally, each workshop can be combined with a 1:1 coaching package upgrade for yourself and/or your team members. Combining this general learning with PERSONALIZED time spent focusing on YOUR specific goals and challenges works to strengthen the impact and quicken your results.


Change your perspective, change your results! Why wait another day?

Perspective Predicts Success: Is Yours Working For You?

2.5 hours

Your perspective on life and how the world works matters! It matters more than how good you are at managing time, or how well you communicate. It matters more than how much you know, or the size of your network. Learn how Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions and Interpretations impact your ability to achieve the things you want in work or life, and what you can do about it!


  • Stop allowing negativity to rule your thought processes and sabotage your success.

  • Learn to differentiate between External and Internal stressors.

  • Discover the characteristics of the three most common Internal stressors: Limiting Beliefs, Assumptions and Interpretations.

  • Recognize where Internal stressors are showing up for you and how they are impacting your results.

  • Practice strategies and exercises to shift your perspective and stop letting stressors hold you back.

7 Self-Leadership Perspectives: Are You Choosing The Most Powerful One For You?

1.5 hours

Do you consider yourself a leader? The truth is that whether you are in a traditionally defined leadership role or not, you are still a leader, even if you are leading only yourself. "Leadership" is simply interaction where influence occurs. We often dont think about leading or influsncing ourselves. Most of us go about our day, reacting on auto-pilot to events or situations as they unfold before us. And most of the time this works just fine, until something changes: values or priorities shift, expectations are not met, beliefs or needs “collide”, or opinions differ. Depending upon a person’s frame of reference, their auto-response to these events and situations will vary greatly.


  • Understand that you have 7 choices for how you choose to see the world, and what those choices are.

  • Recognize the hallmarks of each perspective and what’s driving that view.

  • Gain techniques to build a habit of responding to situations and events in an intentional way.

  • Learn how to successfully manage stress and change with yourself and others.


Getting Out Of Your Own Way: Are You Sabotaging Your Success?

1 hour

Do you ever feel like someone is continually getting in the way of you achieving your goals? What if that someone were you? Learn to recognize when self-sabotage may be the culprit, and what you can do about it.


  • Discover what Self-Sabotage really is and why it impacts success and achievement.

  • Recognize the two most common signs that you may be Self-Sabotaging.

  • Learn where your own subconscious may need reprogramming away from sabotaging beliefs​.

  • Practice hands-on exercises to get you out of sabotage and back on the road to success.

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