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About Trish

Wondering if this is all there is?

There is more.

Find out what YOUR more is.

It all started when...


I’d been working for nearly 18 years in the corporate world as a virtual consultant to some of the top global companies. I was good at it, enjoyed it and was doing just fine, thank you very much! Then one day, I noticed that I started to be just a little dissatisfied with my job, and I began to feel as if a change is in order. Well, if you’re going to make a change, make it a big one! And so I did; I turned everything on its head and changed course completely to go it alone as a Confidence Coach.


I’ve been asked many times by friends and family how I came to the decision to do something so very different. I tell people that I did what anyone in my situation would have done. Naturally, I kept a Mojo Log (thank you Marshall Goldsmith) to figure out what to do next. If you don’t know what a Mojo Log is, its a tool to record your daily activities and rate whether they energize or drain you on a scale of 1-10. It’s a great way to get clarity around what really floats your boat.


But if you’re me, you didn’t stop there, no way! If you’re me, you kept that darn log for a full 30 days, recorded EVERYTHING, and then transferred those results to a spreadsheet so you could graph them and create a visual representation for yourself of what you love to do most!


Yes, I agree with you. That was a lot of work to find out that basically I love to help people feel confident in themselves and their ability to achieve whatever they want for their lives. Maybe next time I will just ask my friends because when I told them this, almost to a person the response was, “Well, DUH Trish.”


But one thing did come out of all of that work; my ah-ha moment when I realized that I didn’t just love helping people gain confidence, I LOVE helping people gain confidence in themselves. When I looked at my color coded graph and found that I was actually picking up the phone and dialing for dilemmas in order to find ways to help others, that’s when it hit me. It was in that moment that the niggling feeling that I needed a change took shape and purpose.


And I’ve been living that purpose ever since. It’s been a crazy journey from discontent to discovery to determination. But one thing I’ve learned along the way is that everyone has a greatness inside them; some find it early, and for some it takes a little longer. But rest assured, it’s there. It just may take a little help to coax it out of hiding.


So, my story? Simply put, from consulting to managing to mentoring to coaching, helping others realize and live their best selves has always been my work.


And yup, I do LOVE it!


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