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Are You Powered Up?


Most people in this world go through life reacting to events, situations and people in a knee-jerk way. Consider phrases such as “He made me so mad”, or “I can’t believe she did that to me”. What’s the common theme here? The other person has the control. 


But you can learn to take back control. You do not have to allow yourself to be at the effect of others’ actions and life’s situations. By learning a process of leading energy to make it work for you rather than against you, you create a default way of thinking and being that naturally attracts success.


Here’s why: Your default tendencies have been built by you, over time, based on how you’ve interpreted the world. It works like this:

  • Stuff happens in life

  • You interpret what that stuff means to you (based on what you’ve experienced in the past)

  • That interpretation or thought has an emotional consequence

  • Based on that emotional reaction you take action (or inaction) of some sort


So the way in which you’ve chosen to interpret the past, and the beliefs you’ve formed from that, have created your default tendencies of today.


Here’s why that matters: Your default tendencies of today predict your capacity for success in the future.


If you want more success in your life, it's time to challenge the idea that life happens to you and instead deliberately craft the life you want to live.

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