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See what others have to say about their coaching experience.

Nancy T. (Nebraska)
"Not only is Trish smart and a wonderful communicator, she is also a delight. She presents information in a way that keeps the group interested and engaged. Her research and presentation on the brain is facinating. Trish knows how to deliver an "aha moment"!"
Carol U. (Nebraska)
"The GAILs (Gremlins, Assumptions, Interpretations and Limiting Beliefs) teaching made light bulbs go off all over the place! What an incredible tool to understand myself better, to be able to recognize and take responsibility for the thoughts that were crippling me. It has made a huge difference in my marriage as well as other relationships and my spiritual life has taken a leap forward in level of maturity. I believe the things I learned about myself through your probing questions and your gentle insistence that I face my gremlins will make, has already made, a huge difference in my personal and professional lives. I will not hesitate to recommend you as a coach and I look forward to having you teach my growing team!"
Heather H. (Colorado)
"Working with Trish was transformational for me. Trish has a unique combination of empathy and clear vision that allows you to truly see the core issues that are keeping you from your goals. She helps you name it, claim it, and then break through it! I made a huge amount of progress in several areas of my life in a short time with her. If you want to move forward in your own life and have a better understanding of yourself than you ever thought possible, call Trish today!"
Charissa H. (Nebraska)
"Recognizing that I could really benefit from coaching was the most difficult barrier to overcome. I was not open to all that Trish was offering me initially. When I allowed myself to trust her process, I was able to grasp what I'm very gifted in, and humbly acknowledge what I'm lacking. The tools she has given me have benefitted me in my personal and professional life. So much less do I feel as though life is "happening to me", but rather my choice in daily situations that arise affects the outcome, I'm thankful for this process, and vehemently recommend it to all, particularly to young professionals who want to set themselves apart."
Jennifer G. (Kentucky)
"Having been a colleague of Trish's for several years, I had first-hand experience with her talent for coaching and mentoring on multiple occasions. Myself and others on our team often turned to Trish for expert guidance and support. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to formally leverage Trish as a Coach. Trish expertly guided me through the process of introspection to help crystalize my perceived barriers to success. She asked empowering questions that helped me to articulate what I truly desired from my career - and from life in general - and the aspects of my current profession that did nothing to ignite my passion. As a result of Trish's coaching, I have a better understanding of my goals and have been inspired to exlplore alternative career options with decisiveness and determination. I've gotten amazing results! I am finally moving in the direction that will enable me to achieve my desired goals. Trish's coaching was inspiring and invaluable for me self-realization. She guided me to understand that I already have the tools I need to pursue and achieve my goals - I just need to use them!"
Desiree N. (California)
"Recently I experienced a patch of ambiguity in my life where it seemed like the days were passing by and felt busy but not necessarily purposeful. When that feeling came upon me, it was an easy decision to reach out to my respected colleague and coach, Trish Cody. Trish was outstanding in asking meaningful questions that quickly helped me get to the heart of the matter. Together, we got through the muddy waters. I was able to clarify how my day to day actions were contributing (or not) to my overall sense of well-being. As a result of the quick and powerful coaching process, I was able to reconstruct my long-term goals and set up a course of action for purposeful daily living. I feel more at ease & on-track to accomplish my goals with confidence thanks to Trish's coaching."
Alisa L. (Colorado)
"I had the pleasure of being Trish's client and this amazing lady exudes a beautiful and rare balance of deep focus (I knew she was really hearing me), intuition, intelligence and heart. I am very grateful to have worked with Trish... some people just have an innate ability to connect with and highly empower others, and Trish is one of those fortunate few. In addition to these talents I've mentioned, Trish is also the person that is completely dependable... you know you can always count on her, and she went above and beyond any expectations I could have had for her effectively assisting me to achieve my goals. I intend to consistently work with Trish as a partner in my plan for living to my highest potential."
Dana L. (Nebraska)
"It is a great pleasure and honor to write this recommendation for Trish Cody. The caliber of her enthusiasm for empowering others runs deep! Her ability to pose questions to make one think about making a critical shift for the better is second-to-none! These two attributes have allowed many to break through barriers and take business to the next level. Trish Cody strives for the absolute best- leaving no stone unturned. She carries a presence about her that is not only genuine, but one that presence breeds success. I once heard, "Are you in your own way?" Most of us are. Trish Cody works diligently on taking away limitations and delivering results!"
Michelle H. (Nebraska)
"Attending one of Trish Cody's workshops is literally like taking one of the coolest classes in college - you become enlightened, educated, and eager to know more - all while thoroughly enjoying the learning process. Her style is engaging, interactive, and eye-opening. You will be changed for the better when you work with Trish Cody."
Rebecca T. (Nebraska)
"First and foremost, Trish does her homework. She strives to achieve clarity around your needs before helping you develop an agenda for your meeting or retreat. She’s positive, high energy, discerning, and delivers."
Alan H. (Nebraska)
"I have always excelled professionally in sales and leadership positions for the last 20 years, but the last 12-18 months was a real struggle for me. I was questioning myself and losing confidence in myself. The PowerUp 2015 seminar gave me permission to “evaluate myself” in a non-critical way. I realized that I was limiting myself by holding onto some “head junk” that was affecting my attitude and my thought processes. I decided to remove the hurdles of self-doubt by employing a couple of recommendations from each seminar. I am much happier and far more productive in 2016! PowerUp challenged me to look at the world differently!"
Jane N. (Nebraska)
"Trish Cody worked with me to identify the specific areas that I wanted to work on-- both personally and professionally. 
Together we mapped out a strategy to tackle each one, with tips and techniques provided by Trish, that I could immediately use in my life. Trish is wonderful to work with and I highly recommend her as a coach!
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