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Values List


This Values List is intended ONLY to give you some ideas and examples of possible personal values. We are all unique so there may be values missing from this list for you, or words that better sum up the value for you. If that's the case, write in your own!


Also note that your values can be situational, so what is true for you at work may not be the same as what is true for you at home.You might consider doing two lists of values if you find this to be true for you.


Remember: When it comes to values, there is no right or wrong - only WHO WE ARE!


Instructions for Using This List


  • Take a first pass and circle about 10-15 that really jump out at you.

  • Narrow that down to about 5 or so to get at your top core values.

  • Stack rank your 5 in order of importance.


Find full instructions in the "Identifying YOUR Values" post.


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