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Have You Ever Asked Someone to Critique You? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should.

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“Self-awareness is our capacity to stand apart from ourselves and examine our thinking, our motives, our history, our scripts, our actions, and our habits and tendencies.” –Stephen Covey

We’ve talked a lot about the role that self-awareness plays in leadership. In my last two blogs, I addressed the importance of internal tools such as leveraging mindfulness, while identifying triggers that can help you recognize thoughts and behaviors to become more in tune with yourself. If you’ve been putting any of these ideas into practice, you’ve probably noticed how powerful listening to your own thoughts can be. It’s amazing how much goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of our brains that we’ve learned to tune out, but still heavily influences how we act.

However, internal tools can only take us so far. After all, much of self-awareness as a leader is based on how your thoughts, actions, and words affect others. Though you can gain a lot of knowledge simply by being more aware, you need to go beyond that. To really find out how you’re affecting others, you need to ask them.

Continue reading over on the Live Lead Play site for some ways to use external tools to increase self-awareness, and some ways to incorporate this new knowledge into an action plan.

With over 20 years of experience as a strategic consultant for global Leadership and Development initiatives with some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, Trish Cody has coached and consulted with senior level teams in planning, designing, launching, and measuring the return for major initiatives.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Trish works with entrepreneurs, senior leaders and their teams to uncover their real desires for their organization, and then to align those desires with their values to co-create a strategy for execution and accountability. The leaders Trish partners with are truly working their own best plan for success in achieving their desired “new state” and weathering the changes that success brings.

To learn more about how Trish can help you and your team with one-on-one coaching, team coaching or speaking at your event, please contact

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